wtorek, 19 czerwca 2018

"Here We Come",acrylic on canvas,90cm x 60cm,2018

Untitled,acrylic on paper,25cm x 30cm,2018

"Hammocks"acrylic on paper,25cm x 35cm,2018

"Picknick",acrylic on paper,20cm x 35cm,2018

"Black Trees",acrylic on paper,25cm x 35cm,2018

"Still Life",acrylic on canvas,90cm x 60cm,2018

"Lady Of The Forest",acrylic on canvas,70cm x 120cm,2018

"Shrine",acrylic on canvas,50cm x 70cm,2018

"Cloud" acrylic on canvas,16cm x 32cm,2018

"Union",acrylic on canvas,16cm x 32cm,2018

"Holy Tree",acrylic on canvas,13cm x 16cm,2018

"Message",acrylic on canvas,13cm x 16cm,2018

"Queen Rabbit",acrylic on canvas 24cm x 30cm 2018
"So How Are You" acrylic on canvas,33cmx 41cm,2018

wtorek, 2 stycznia 2018

"The World Carried Back And Forth",acrylic on canvas,40cm x 40cm,2017

"Ornament"acrylic on paper,8cm x 11cm,2017
"Hi !",acrylic on paper,8cm x 11cm,2017
'"Winter" ,acrylic on paper,8cm x 11cm,2017
""My Body The Deadliest Weapon",acrylic on paper,25cm x 30cm,2017
""Born Into The Cult Of Cold"acrylic on paper,25cm x 35cm,2017
"'Make a Wish" ,acrylic on paper,2017
""Still Life III ",acrylic on paper,25cm x 20cm,2017
""Still Life II",acrylic on paper,25cm x 20cm,2017
"'Still Life I ",acrylic on paper,25cm x 20cm,2017
""Inhaled",acrylic on paper,25cm x 25cm,2017
""Under The Toadstools",acrylic on paper, 25cm x 30cm,2017
"Do Not Go",acrylic on paper,35cm x 25cm,2017

"Oasis",acrylic on paper,25cm x 35cm,2017

"Leaving Home",acrylic on paper,25cm x 35cm,2017

"Stworzenia i zdarzenia",monoprint +collage,20cm x 30cm,2017

"Stworzenia i zdarzenia",monoprint,30cm x 20cm,2017

"Stworzenia i zdarzenia",monoprint,30cm x 20cm,2017
"Stworzenia i zdarzenia" monoprint ,30cm x20cm,2017

"Stworzenia i zdarzenia",monoprint + collage,30cm x 20cm,2017

piątek, 23 czerwca 2017

                                     Untitled,acrylic on canvas,60cm x  70cm ,2017

"Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going" (the borrowed title)
acrylic on canvas,60cm x 100cm,2017
"About the Boy",acrylic on canvas,40cm x 30cm,2017

"Picnic at The Holy Plant",acrylic on canvas,90cm x 80cm,2017

"The Girl And The Fox",acrylic on canvas,90cm x 80cm,2017

"Encounter" acrylic on canvas,90cm x 80cm,2017